After not having a particular enthralling, pleasant time at secondary school at the age of 12, ACE gave me the opportunity to escape and embrace another side of learning – a curriculum that encouraged effort, integrity, and yearning of knowledge. At first, it was a struggle. The PACEs seemed like hard work. However, I prayed, was encouraged to do my best, and was supported by my supervisor/mother, who stayed behind me funnily enough – every inch of the way through Mathematics, every punctuation rule and mighty assignment in English Grammar and English Literature, every experiment in Science, etc. Now, I’ve obtained grades that I’m very proud of, as well as my family. ACE astoundingly isn’t afraid to stand up for Biblical truths which western countries have seemingly forgotten. The principle of loving our fellow man, that all men are created equal by the power of our creator, and treating each other with respect, regardless of skin colour. This reflects the comforting yet palpable zeal inside of us that we’re indeed special and rational as human beings: we are all made in the image of God.