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R.L. Pensacola, United States

I am Rebecca Li, a Chinese student. I graduated and reached the General Level of ICCE. Now I am enjoying my first semester in Pensacola Christian College as a freshman. I am grateful that the biblical curriculums of ICCE not only make me well prepared for the study of the first semester of college, but […]

N.S. Boston, United States

I’m currently studying at the specialized environment of New England Conservatory of Music (Boston), where I am pursuing my career to become a musician. However, I would like to take the opportunity and say a few words about my experience at ICCE general studies. I joined this program because I wanted more time to focus […]

T.B. Nottinghamshire

I started my education with TEACH, in 2004. I found it very helpful in developing my independence, and allowing me to work, and gain life experience. I was able to choose subjects which I enjoyed. I completed my mathematics bias certificate, which has enabled me to go to Nottingham university, and study computer science, which […]

T.C. Gloucestershire

After not having a particular enthralling, pleasant time at secondary school at the age of 12, ACE gave me the opportunity to escape and embrace another side of learning – a curriculum that encouraged effort, integrity, and yearning of knowledge. At first, it was a struggle. The PACEs seemed like hard work. However, I prayed, […]

N.C. London

My experience with ICCE has been one of great pleasure! Although the programme was hard at times, God has used it to mould me into a self-motivated and well-rounded person to equip me to take on the world and serve God regardless of peer pressure and latest trends. With perseverance and support from all angles […]

J.V. Oxfordshire

I really enjoyed the ICCE and felt that the PACE and goal-card system encouraged independent learning in me, which has served me in good stead since moving into higher education after finishing with ICCE after my intermediate certificate. ICCE allowed me to work at my own pace, and also gave me enough flexibility when I […]

A.S. Twickenham

I started the ACE curriculum at age 10 and at age 15 started studying for the ICCE General Certificate. The ICCE process was challenging at times but well worth the hard work as I learnt to master every subject area that I was studying. Furthermore, throughout my experience of the ACE curriculum, I learnt character […]

E.J. Gloucestershire

A.C.E. prepared me for university both academically, through the rigorous grammar and literature course, and also personally as the goal-setting and independent study methods helped me to develop these skills which are so important at university and the work place. Following my degree, I was offered a place to complete a teacher training qualification (PGCE). […]

J.D. Gloucestershire

My parents decided to home educate my brothers and I when I was eight years old. I believe this was the best decision they made for me and my future. Learning with a curriculum based on the word of God blessed me immensely, and continues to be a blessing to me. I graduated with the […]

L.H. Durham

I was privileged to study with the ACE programme from the early days of Preschool with Ace and Christi, until summer 2013 when I flew the homeschool nest with an Advanced Certificate in Arts. Since then, I have been pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Mandarin Chinese and English Literature at the University of Durham, an […]